Limnos Island

Limnos History

Limnos, the sacred land of Efaistos is “floating” between the Mount Athos and the Dardanelles, accompanied by its special aromas and original flavors. Already known from the era of Homer for its famous wines, Limnos i “Ambeloessa”, has been, with the passage of the centuries, the reference point of fine and qualitative products.

…“there is no better wine to drink than a sweet wine of Limnos”, says Athineos in his work, Dipnosofistes.

Modern Limnos continues the tradition, producing fresh and aromatic dry wines, but mainly wonderful sweet wines from the charismatic variety of Muscat of Alexandria which flourishes in its volcanic soil.

Small, well-groomed, cup-shaped vineyards cover an area of about 700 hectares, together with Aristotle’s favorite variety of, Limnia Ambelo or Limnio and they guarantee, because of their low yields, an excellent raw material for the wine.



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