Varieties of Limnos


The main variety that is cultivated on the island is the MUSCAT OF ALEXANDRIA, which arrived at the beginning of the previous century. Its systematic cultivation started later, gradually displacing LIMNIO, which until then had been the main variety cultivated in the island.

The vineyard has an average age of 20-25 years, it covers an area of about 650 hectares with a yield of 8000 kg per hectare.

After being vinificated it produces the following wine categories:

1) Appellation of Origin of High Quality LIMNOS: a) white dry, b) semi-dry, c) semi-sweet
In the northern Aegean, on the island of Limnos, in the regional unit of the same name, the Moschato Alexandria white variety is extensively cultivated and produces PDO Limnos / PDO Limnos wines (established in 1982). Although the legislation defines the whole of Lemnos as a permitted cultivation area, in practice, the Muscat vineyards of Alexandria are mainly located in the central and southern part of the island, in parts of the regions of Atsiki, Moudro and Nea Koutali, protected from the northern winds.

2) Appellation of Origin Controlled MUSCAT of LIMNOS a) white sweet, b) sweet natural, c) sweet natural from prime vineyards (grand cru)
The PDO Muscat Limnos sweet wines can be either naturally sweet (vin naturellement doux/ sun-dried grapes) or naturally sweet (vin doux naturel – vin de liqueur/fortified). On the condition that they use only grapes from privately owned vineyards with a lower yield per hectare, wine producers can also produce sweet wines with the additional designation "from fine vineyards" (grand cru).

LIMNIO (KALAMPAKI), Aristotle’s favorite variety is known since ancient times and it is mentioned by plenty of philosophers, historians and ancient travellers. It covers an area of about 50 hectares and is mainly vinificated into a pleasant dry table wine with the aroma and flavor of fresh fruits.It is a moderately productive variety, which requires intensive cultivation care. Perhaps this was one of the reasons why its cultivation was limited in the past. Nevertheless, with appropriate vinifications, it produces remarkable red wines. Along with the P.O.P. red dry wines exclusively from Limnio, interesting blends of this variety with international, mainly Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot, but also interesting rosé wines, usually combined with Muscat of Alexandria, are also produced in Limnos.


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