A few kilometers away from Myrina, in the area of Mavrabela, lies our ultra modern winery, where, respecting the tradition and utilizing of our scientific knowledge and our long-term experience in the wine sector, we produce wines of high quality, exclusively from grapes of organic cultivation, with the ambition that our products would become for some time an honorable representative of our island.

Our ultra modern winery-distillery, which is open to the public for visiting, is being inspected, controlled and certified by the Organic Products Inspection and Certification Organization, the DIO. This organization also inspects, controls and certifies the organic methods of cultivation of all the vineyards from which the raw material is derived and it provides the corresponding Products Certifications.



Our winery is open to the public on week days from 11am to 14pm and afternoons and on weekends by appointment. The visiting includes a touring in the winery area and a presentation of the wine production process and bottling. After the touring, in a pleasant and specially modified room, a process of tasting of our winery products as well as a presentation of audiovisual material follows.

(Very soon, we will be able to provide the visitors with a chance to visit and tour our currently under construction estate)




Winery: Kaspakas, Limnos, Greece,
tel.-fax. +30 22540 22270
Office: 66, Tralleon Str., Athens, Greece,
PO Box 1114
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